Italian instrumental stoner/prog rock trio 600000 Mountains has announced the release of Mister Sartorius, debut EP due to be self-released on January 19, 2019.

Mister Sartorius is the debut EP of 600000 Mountains, instrumental three-piece hailing from CataniaSicilyItaly. Inspired by the barren landscapes of Mount Etna and nourished by its black lava stones and dust, Mister Sartorius is the keeper of craters from which magma overflows. These shapeless floods of fire take the shape of stoner/doom riffing, progstructures, acid hard rock outbursts, bringing both to math rockschizophrenia and hypnotic psych obsession.

The band comment: “Mister Sartorius is born from the desire to mix our different musical pasts into a common denominator and from the will to overcome our limits. We wanted to realize a record having clear references – those of stoner and psych-rock – but at the same time speaking about us, giving voice to personal perspectives.

Mister Sartorius has been written and arranged by 600000 Mountains. Recording, mixing and mastering by Fabio Trombetta. Artwork, layout and concept by Guido Testa.


1. Take Care and Survive
2. Omelette Man
3. Horse Suplex

FFO: Kyuss, Karma To Burn, Tool

Six Hundred Thousand Mountains is born from the black desert surrounding Mount Etna. The instrumental trio turns the silence of bare lava stone into violent paroxisms, forging a perpetual motion of tension and relaxation. Stoner, prog and psychedelia are its manifestations.


Simone Pellegriti – guitar
Guido Testa – bass
Giorgio Rosalia – drums

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