Hey! Hello! kick off the evening with new vixenesque Love Zombies front woman Hollis Mahady on vocals, and a more energetic bouncing around frontwoman you won’t find. Ginger is coming across like he is really enjoying his other project, a half hour set with the catchy ‘Swimwear’ the highlight, we also get a listen to the excellent new song ‘Don’t Stop Loving the Music’.  Long time Ginger collaborator and Leeds local Chris Catylist of Eureka Machines is filling in on guitar tonight due to the birth of The Revs’ baby. Great band with the 2nd studio album on its way, go see them on a headline uk tour around December.
Glasgow band Baby Chaos up next. Another excellent band who have been around a long long time, coming back after a 17 yr hiatus, new album ‘Skulls Skulls Skulls Show Me the Glory’ is out now, if you’re a fan of the sound Therapy or The Wildhearts  make you will love these guys. Ginger later stating “Maybe Baby Chaos are too good a support band” telling us the story of Izzy Stradlin kicking The Wildhearts off a tour for being too good, and how they still turned up at the Leeds gig to pick up their merchandise and sold more t shirts at the bar than Izzy Stradlin did without even playing. Brilliant!
Well what can we say about a Wildhearts show that hasn’t already been said? Over the years a consistently tight live band with Ginger at the helm, who in my opinion is one of the greatest songwriters of our generation, definitely the most prolific in his many projects. Tonight its the anniversary of P.H.U.Q so that album gets an airing in its entirety, opening with perennial encore track ‘I Wanna Go Where The People Go’ as it’s track one on P.H.U.Q we get an opener that’s probably in my all time favourite top 10 songs.
Ginger with his usual north eastern wit asks if anyone was with the band back when P.H.U.Q was released? “yeah we all had hair and were thin back then, well tonight we all have hair and are thin again right” Damn right is the general consensus in the cheering.
As they tear through P.H.U.Q in track order the near full room get louder with every track, Ginger shouting “where the fuck have you all came from anyway? we were told Leeds was struggling on tickets sold” the Wildhearts have always had a loyal band of followers thats for sure.
Just a note on us press/guest list entrants, at the box office the band left instructions to ask for anyone on the guest list to contribute a £5 charitable donation, a great idea, and a big well done. Every little helps, right?
The first section of the show comes to an end with track 13 off P.H.U.Q ‘Getting It’ a classic album and a pleasure to hear it played in its full original running order.
Back out for the encore, you can never be sure which of the extensive back catalogue you are going to get. ‘Suckerpunch’, another crowd favourite, is up next followed by ‘Mazel Tov Cocktail’ and then a special treat, as they play the rarely heard live classic cover of ‘Cheers’ “get in” I and a few hundred others shout upon hearing the opening chords followed by an almighty sing along “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” reading this you’re also singing that right now aren’t you?
Still time for another 6 songs ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ ‘Beautiful Thing You’ played because Ginger heard a request shouted out, ‘Someone That Wont Let Me Go’ ‘Anthem’ and getting the mosh pit jumping ‘My Baby Is a Headfuck’ ending the night with ‘Love You Till I Dont’ a 22 track set from easily one of Great Britain’s best ever live bands, if you have never caught a Wildhearts gig, first of all why the hell not? Get along to see them, you will not be disappointed, and if you have seen them before, go again, they are still as good as ever!
Set List
1. I Wanna Go Where The People Go
2. V Day
3. Just in Lust
4. Baby Strange
5. Nita Nitro
6. Jonesing for Jones
7. Woah Shit, You Got Through
8. Cold Potootie Tango
9. Caprice
10. Be My Drug
11. Naivety Play
12. In Lilly’s Garden
13. Getting It
14. Suckerpunch
15. Mazel Tov Cocktail
16. Cheers
17. The Revolution Will Be Televised
18. Beautiful Thing You
19. Someone That Wont Let Me Go
20. Anthem
21. My Baby is a Headfuck
22. Love U Till I Dont
Words by Darren Thompson

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