It’s a warm Thursday night in Bradford City Centre so what should you do? Head down to The Underground and watch The Franklys of course!

Warming up the crowd tonight was local boys, The Chessmen, from Leeds. Playing their blues rock style they treated the crowd to ‘Gold finger’, ‘Answer To That’ and ‘Fantasist’. The boys owned the stage tonight and certainly held your attention. They are a chatty bunch as well, engaging with the crowd and making sure even those in the back of the room feel involved. The Chessmen are playful and full of stage presence. Closing with ‘Hazy Shade’, the Leeds boys certainly know how to put on a show.

Our headliners tonight are the all girl band The Franklys. Storming the stage with ‘Castaway’ from their debut album ‘Are You Listening’. The girls took complete ownership of the stage tonight and completely captivated you. The energy from the band was high and I don’t think any one of them stood still for longer than 5 seconds. Fanny Broberg certainly seemed in her element performing tonight performing up on stage. Bouncing off Zoe Biggs bass and Jen Ahlkvists vibes at the center of the stage the trio made the most of the room they had and made sure that you couldn’t take your eyes off of them. Although sat at the back Lexi Clark made her presence felt behind her kit and the other girls also played off of Clark’s energy. This is a band who have a larger than life presence on a stage and clearly have a tight knit friendship.

Playing through the album the crowd was able to enjoy all their favourite tracks live. ‘Puppet’, ‘Comedown’ and ‘You Go I Leave’ were just some of the highlights from tonight. Performing their latest single ‘Weasel’ all four of the band members were one with their music. Each and every song was full of the high energy girl power that you can hear in the album but you can clearly see this is where the girls are at home, performing live to a crowd.

Closing the show tonight with ‘Don’t Kill Your Friends’, it was the perfect ending to the night. Although this reviewer certainly didn’t want the night to end.

However there are still plenty more dates on the tour so I certainly recommend checking these girls out while you can!


‘Are You Listening?’ The Franklys demand an answer, scrawling it across the cover of their debut album – a title that seizes you immediately. Think frenetic garage rock meets grunge. Add into the mix a love for screaming guitars, in your face bass, hard hitting drums and raw vocals then you get something that resembles: The Franklys.

Inspired by the indie rock scene in the UK, Swedish Jennifer Ahlkvist and Fanny Broberg moved to London to embark on something compelling and new. The girls crossed paths with East Anglian bassist Zoë Biggs and adding drummer Lexi Clark, they bonded over their love of rock music, coffee and second-hand clothes – The Franklys were formed.

Wasting no time, they threw themselves into relentlessly touring across the UK, Europe and America, including a recent support tour with Airbourne and festival slots at Isle of Wight 2015 and Download Festival 2016.

Building a reputation for themselves as one of the most exciting live bands on the London circuit and beyond, they have transferred the unique Franklys sound to their debut album; truly showing their diversity as a band. An album with immense energy throughout, a melting pot stirred with garage, heavy rock, undertones of post-punk, whilst keeping a lively pop funk undercurrent, keeps you wondering what these ladies will pull out of their hat next. Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music describes the first single taken from the album, ‘Castaway’, as the “Best thing they’ve done to date!”, and, judging by this, you should be listening.

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