The Answer kicked off the UK leg of their ‘In This Land’ tour; to their home-grown  crowd last night in the Limelight Belfast.  A packed house ensured the boys would get the hero’s welcome deserving of this hard grafting rock band.The night was kicked off by local rockers Maverick who played their part in getting this rowdy crowd fired up for this indigenous affair.  With a fast a furious set the guys ripped their way through their repertoire with feverish gusto. There was no doubt by the end of their set that this crowd were up for a night o’ local Northern Irish craic and fine homemade music.



By the time The Answer took the stage the buzz from the crowd was palpable.  As James Heatley & Paul Mahongraced the stage to rapturous applause, the ground shook with booming bass vibrations as the gig opener ‘ Solas’ kicked in. The guys dappled their set with tracks from their latest offering and tantalized the crowd with a selection of both new and old favorites.  Seamlessly flowing between numbers vocalist Cormac Neeson engaged with the audience who were clapping their hearts out through ‘New Horizon’ and the likes.


The gig itself was being recorded for an upcoming documentary about the band, following their journey from the early days through to the ground breaking Solas, encompassing the growth of the band. Of course there’s always time to take the piss out of each other, as vocalist Cormac Neeson points out that its Paul Mahon’s birthday (again) with his ability to milk the situation mercilessly! The guys are in great form and are obviously feeding off the local crowds positive energy.  One of the nights highlights for me was their latest single ‘In This land’, an homage to home and referencing some of the greats who lead the way such as Rory Gallagher, Van Morrison and Alex Higgins. This single, which is released on St Patrick’s day, was a firm favorite of the Belfast crowd.


The guys continued with their high energy classic rock infused set before leaving the stage with their adoring crowd baying for more, adorning the stage once again for a finale, this time joined by the Streetwise Samba Band, the guys left an impression on the Limelight crowd.  Huge drumbeats and big melodies drew the night to a close on a high. Looking round at a vibrating crowd fused with a mutual love for The Answer I can see teenagers in love dancing, rockers rocking and a collective Celtic passion in the air.


The tour moves onto the UK and I highly recommend a night with the boys.

Review by Mark McGrogan

Photography by Mark McGrogan

Set List

 1)    Solas

2)    Never Too late

3)    Beauitful Eorld

4)    New Horizon

5)    Demon Driver

6)    Tunnel

7)    Waste Your Tears

8)    Untrue Colour

9)    In This Land

10)  Thief Of Light

11) Demon Eyes

12)  Come Follow Me

13) Being Forgotten

14) Battle Cry


Feb 26th – Dorset, Winters End Festival (Headliners) 

Feb 28th – Bristol, Fleece & Firkin

Mar 1st – Cardiff, Globe

Mar 2nd – Southampton, Engine Rooms

Mar 3rd – Manchester, Band On The Wall

Mar 4th – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms


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