Skindred Make Fans Like Chuck Berry – Frome’s Cheese and Grain – December 13th
Skindred Make Fans Like Chuck Berry – Frome’s Cheese and Grain
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The resurgence of punk finally reached Frome on December 13th when the young iDestroy opened the support for Skindred’s That’s My Jam UK tour. Hailing from the United States of Bristol, the recently formed trio woohooed the crowd with some melodic punk, but as the band relaxed and the crowd grew, their music became increasingly anarchic and their energy more infectious, winning some decent appreciation from the audience and setting the standard for the next band. Chapter and Verse, a talented foursome from London, treated fans to a series of altrock laments. With bursts of rage, constantly varying tempos, and at times poetic lyrics, they created a thoughtful yet unsettling set for the head-nodding crowd.

As the stage was prepared for the main act, seasonal earache from the speakers dispersed some of the enthusiasm the supports had worked hard to gain. But as the lights dimmed, rock classics, ‘Thunderstruck’ and ‘Don’t Stop Me Now,’ immediately stirred up anticipation and smiles, before the crowd was flung onto a Rebel freight ship in a galaxy far far away! John Williams’ ‘Imperial Attack’ (from the original space opera, Star Wars) blasted throughout the venue heralding the approach of the dark lords themselves, Skindred. Onto the stage came drummer Arya Goggin, followed by bassist Daniel Pugsley, lead guitarist Mikey Demus, and finally, wearing sparkling leathers and spiked shades, the frontman Benji Webbe. Opening with the title track of their new album Big Tings then straight back to their first album with ‘Selector,’ these award-winning fusion addicts shifted between their many albums, showcasing hits, as smoothly as the execution of their unique energy-harnessing rhythm blends. Already, the loving crowd were like a frizz of atoms, bouncing to ‘Pressure’ merged with AC/DC’s ‘Back In Black,’ and Christmas ballads melded with metalcore. As Benji said, Skindred were on stage that night “in celebration of life” as well as music, and long may the revelry continue.

The interaction with the entire crowd was relentless. Benji’s brutal comedy routine demanded a guy eat a whole sandwich before ITV’s Countdown timer ended; told them that without Chuck Berry there wouldn’t be Slipknot and bands like Little Mix would hold sway; split the crowd and berated the weaker half, pushing them to rise up and give back the amount of gusto they were receiving; encouraged the venue to strip off clothing and brandish it like banners (even the fans at the very back of the hall conceded to the frontman’s bidding). Throughout, Daniel, Mikey, and Arya treated the hyped crowd to Skindred’s switchblade-sharp prism of sound.

This gig was a banging party, but like the very best of those it seemed short, over before the fans realised. The crowd slowly dispersed, putting their sweaty clothes back on over reminiscent grins, and bruises.

The set list:

Big Tings



Rat Race




Sound The Siren


That’s My Jam

Saying It Now (acoustic)

Kill The Power


Boom Boom


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