Skid Row - Toseland – Live Review – Limelight Belfast
Skid Row - Toseland – Live Review – Limelight Belfast
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Tonight saw two of Rock’s finest hard hitters, Skid Row and Toseland arrived in Belfast for the opening night of their UK tour. The legendary US Rock band was to play Dublin last night but due to adverse weather conditions, Belfast would now host their first night overseas.

Toseland opened proceedings like a bat out of hell, the first three songs announced their arrival in blistering fashion as they lifted the roof off the Limelight Belfast and melted the faces of those in the front row.

A cracking set ensured a high energy performance as all the band members gave it their all to ensure a memorable night for one and all. The guys mixed it up with a piano front and centre and front man James Toseland putting in a fine vocal performance, at times sound reminiscent of Myles Kennedy.

These guys had a real swagger about their performance with a real tight feel throughout. There couldn’t have been a better fit for the gig with Skid Row; these guys got the crowd rocking with a ballsy, honest performance that left no-one feeling underwhelmed and ready for more!

Set List:

Puppet On A Chain

Nothing U Can Do

Living In A Moment

Life Is Beautiful

Fingers Burned


Too Close To Call

Crash Landing

Hearts And Bones

A sold out crowd were ready and waiting for the return of Skid Row, like some kind of big ass hot tub time machine, one and all were transported back to the 90’s in a flash as they laid into a scintillating set full of gargantuan 90’s magic and memories. The crowd was packed out with Belfast’s finest and more than a few beautiful ladies dappled along the front row reliving their youth. ‘Slave To The Grind’ opened proceedings and kicking the doors off the hinges, as always the big hits got the loudest cheers of all. When ‘18 & Life’ resonated across the room there was almost an emotional sigh more than a cheer as the opening chords kicked in. The crowd singing at the top of their voices, a timeless Rock classic and an equally classic guitar solo to boot!

Cue phones in the air and bodies swaying, vocalist ZP Theart has a crazy range and used it to full effect throughout the night. The guys rip it up with a fast paced ‘Mess’ before bassist Rachel Bolan takes to the vocals for their cover of the Ramones classic ‘ Psycho Therapy.’ The guys slow the pace down with an acoustic number ‘Quicksand’ which one again showcases ZP’s vocals once again.

Before the night is through both Snake Sabo and Rachel Bolan take the time to thank the crowd personally, humbled by the response to their tour and their devoted fans. The night is not quite over yet with a few more classics still to come, the guys finish off their set post encore with ‘Monkey Business’ and allow time for a jam between guitarists Snake Sabo and Scott Hill to see out the first part of tonight’s set. The guys exit left to rapturous applause.

The sound of Thunder greets the band back to the stage before ‘I Will Remember You’ kicks in for another heartfelt cheer from the crowd. Everyone singing along once again praying the night wont come to an end. Alas it has to and what better way to end it than ‘Youth Gone Wild.’

A great night of classic Rock and 90’s infused madness made for yet another monumental night at the Limelight Belfast.


The guys move onto the UK and beyond, catch them while you can, it’s well worth your hard earned money.


Set List as per band:





Big Guns

18 & Life



Psycho T







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