Basement - Joyce Manor - Ecca Vandal - Live Review - 02 Forum - Kentish Town - London
Basement - Joyce Manor - Ecca Vandal - Live Review - 02 Forum - Kentish Town - London
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It feels good to be back! It’s been too long since I have plunged myself into the sweaty pits of the London music seen and what better way to get back into than seeing three heavy hitting bands at the o2 forum in Kentish town. Kentish town is a real central hub for the alternate music scene, there are bunch of venues ranging from intimately small ones to large and loud ones. Luckily for me it was going to be a loud one!

The first band of the night is Ecca Vandal, an Australian band who are ominous and enticing. Lead by a frontwoman and bringing an energetic stage attitude that got everyone dancing from the get go! This band is heavy on the synths, it’s awesome to see a bassist smash out intense bass lines and then going the other way and play melodic electronics on a keyboard. Ecca Vandal are in the new wave of musicians, imagine a combination of bands like Pvris and Tonight Alive, see them and I guarantee you will understand.

After the short turnover time, it came to Joyce Manor’s turn to bring their light-hearted pop punk songs to the streets on Kentish town. Joyce Manor are an interesting pick for a tour with Basement, likewise I’d say the same with Ecca Vandal. This band took the show to another level, their fans knew every word of every song and you could really tell some people just came to see this support band, It’s great to see this. Joyce Manor is the sort of band you can imagine hearing in the back of a teen coming of age movie like American pie. Don’t get me wrong that’s not a bad thing at all! It resonates with their fans.

It really is a mix of three different types of bands, you have the synths and lead vocals of Ecca Vandal and the teenage pop punk vibes of Joyce manor. They covered quite a range of genres with the supports and if anything, it opens up Basement fans to other bands they could really like in the future.

Now for the headliner, before this show I knew of Basement but had a chance to listened to a lot of their songs but was quickly blown away with their show and performance, the light show they had was phenomenal, with six ten feet high mirrors at the back of the stage that reflected all of the bright white lights and gave out such an atmosphere. Basements sound is very unique, they sound a little bit like a lighter styled, yet in some songs heavier sounding alternative band, with hints of Casey who we have reviewed before.

These guys are a band designed to play in a venue like this, it has the right amount of people for a show that’s high in energy and mayhem but still have the ability to hear the crowd sing back in unison. They played the entire show with the same amount of energy from the get go until they went off stage to the crowd screaming for more.  After a few moments they happily obliged, playing three more songs finishing with the Promise Everything, it felt like the whole building was singing along.



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