Canadian Heavy Metal pioneers Anvil are playing to around 200 people tonight in Sheffield. Since these guys have trail blazed the metal scene for over 35yrs with bands of the calibre of Metallica, Guns N Roses, Motorhead, Anthrax etc, all citing them as an influence it seems somehow just not enough.

Anyway, after watching their 2009 movie I know they are just happy being out on the road doing what they love to do.

First up, I caught most of Dendera’s set. Twin guitar riff attack, big double bass drum thumping backline, and a vocalist with the pipes akin to Bruce Dickinson. Excellent support and a really good band. Check them out promoting their new album ‘Pillars of Creation’.

As Anvil‘s founding member Robb Reiner and new bass player Chris Robertson take to the stage, Steve “Lips” Kudlow is nowhere to be seen.That’s because Lips comes straight into the crowd creating his own mosh pit, riffing away on his trademark flying V. Now that’s one way to instantly bond with a crowd!

The enthusiasm has not waned one bit as they tear through their classic metal, like ‘March of the Crabs’, ‘666’, ‘Mothra’ and they all sound, well as metal as ever; as well as the favourites from their latest album ‘Hope in Hell’, which I may add,  stands up firmly with any of the thrash big hitters around these days.

Lips is clearly loving it as the jokes and banter flow between tracks.

“The further north, the better it seems to get” (Glasgow tomorrow, did he say the same again?)  “Any ‘old’ anvil fans in tonight? Of course there is, I can see all the fu**ing bald heads” He even has a tongue in cheek dig at Sabbath asking why they stole the title “13″ as they tear into “This is Thirteen”

The signature part of the set is still in there when Lips has that bit of extra vibration on his flying V, and I don’t mean from his mobile phone, we are talking the type of vibration you purchase from Anne Summers!

Anvil have always been about the fun on stage, firmly held up with great classic Metal songs.

Robbo treats us to a 5 min drum solo which just proves the reason why Lars Ulrich cites him as an influence.

Lips is back in the crowd for the anthem “Metal on Metal”, as he solos we all shout out the chorus, crowd participation at its very finest.

Out they come for an encore and a nice surprise of Steppenwolf‘s “Born to be Wild” a fun night of great music and laughs ends with a mass sing-along, what more could you ask for?

We at Rock N Load wish their belated success to continue growing, just as they deserved in the 1st place, because these lads have certainly put the miles and effort in for long enough.


Words by:

Darren Thompson.



Anvil are.

Steve “Lips” Kudlow, Vocals/Guitars.

Robb Reiner, Drums.

Chris Robertson, Bass.


Set list.

1. March of the Crabs


3.School Love

4.Badass Rock n Roll

5.Winged Assassins

6.This is Thirteen


8.Guitar Solo

9.On Fire

10.Thumb Hang

11.Swing Thing

12.Hope in Hell

13.Eat Your Words

14.Metal on Metal


15.Born to be Wild

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