The last of the M2TM Semi Finals are upon us. The journey thus far has seen a few surprises along the way and now as we approach the final, the last men standing from the heats Oracle, False Solution, Surf Green and Thunderwolf compete for the last two slots.  As a brucie bonus the mighty Zlatanera are headlining tonight to show all who went before them how it’s done. As always another great show put on by the Distortion Project.



Hard hitting, heavy with gritty growling vocals they mean business from the off. Tight and with intent their impactful set is well received by the crowd and pulls them further forward with each song. Frontman Jason Kerr is like a man possessed as he lay’s slain to his vocals, taking one for the team as he falls on his ass mid set with excessive enthusiasm. A huge roar at the end of their set signals the crowd’s appreciation. The bar has been set for all who follow.


False Solution:

A set tame in comparison to Oracle, after their hard-hitting set False Solution seemed out of their depth. We’re at the business end of this competition and the bar had been raised. False Solution for sure are a band with potential, but need a few more years to refine their sound and none their craft. Tonight they failed to hit the same heights they had in their heat and their lack of experience showed through with a sloppy performance. Hopefully the experience of the competition will stand them in good stead moving forward.


Surf Green:

Once again like False Solution, it would be interesting to see if Surf Green could repeat the performance that got them to the semis. A band that will always make an impression, you’ll either love them or hate them. Their antics on stage make for a fun filled performance, tighter than FS with catchy melodic numbers they do what they do and get the crowd pumped but just didn’t seemed to resonate as they did in their heat. A good effort for sure but would it be enough this time round to win over the crowd?



Thunderwolf came out fighting; a mosh pit opened up and these guys clearly had one of the biggest followings in the building. A blend of generic Rock and Metallica –esque numbers had their fans throwing themselves around like kids at Funky Monkeys. Their bass player Ryan Maguire felt the need to take a dander mid set feeling confident enough that their performance would make an impression. Only time would tell.


Before the nights conclusion the mighty Zlatanera would take to the stage, immediately you knew shit was about to go down. Their sound was on point unlike some of the earlier competitors and there was a behemoth performance worthy of a headlining slot. Tight as a tigers ass Zlatanera gave a lesson in performance that all who proceeded should pay attention to.


It was now time once again for James Loveday to take the stage and announce tonight’s winners, Oracle and Thunderwolf took the final two slots in the final. Congratulations to both for proceeding through to what will be an amazing night of music at Bar Sub on May 11th where Cursed Sun, Ketos, Lock Horns, Death Of A Salesman, Oracle N.I. and Thunderwolf will clash heads to see who will be crowned winners of Bloodstocks Metal To The Masses competition for N.Ireland.


Photography By Liam Kielt


If you love the local scene – make sure you check out the latest upcoming offering form the Distortion Project – Eighteen & Life.

Eighteen & Life

Eighteen & Life

This year represents a remarkable milestone in the history of The Distortion Project​. 2018 sees the DP turn eighteen – old enough to vote, buy a bottle of Buckfast, and watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

What started out as a club night in January 2000 has turned into something beyond anything I could have possibly imagined in those far off early days. From metal nights to local and then international touring bands, to managing bands, organising tours, the record label, the radio show and the involvement with the Bloodstock Festival family, it’s been a wonderful rollercoaster of highs and lows.

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved with the DP so far and I want to pay tribute to my oldest friends Elizabeth J Turtle​ and a Colin Murdy​. The 3 of us started this thing together all that time ago and the ethos and attitude of those early years remains with me today.

To celebrate this, I’m pleased to announce a series of special shows to commemorate this most special of birthdays. The first of these – “Eighteen and Life” will host 11 bands in the Limelight Belfast​ on Saturday 21st April, the first 6 of which are listed below. Doors will be at 1pm. Special early bird tickets will be on sale Friday 12th January for a one off price of £6.00. (£8.00 there after). These will be limited to 50 and will be available from .

There will also be a run of t-shirts to commemorate this occasion and I’ll post pre-order details on this shortly. I’ll also be posting something from the DP archives once a week, to include old posters pics, and other gems from the past 18 years.

The full line-up is

By Any Means
Congenital Abnormalities
Conjuring Fate
Cursed Sun
Donum Dei
Rabid Bitch Of The North
Skypilot The-band
The Crawling

Saturday 21st April
Limelight 2, Belfast
Doors 12.30pm

Early Bird tickets (£6.00) on sale Friday 12th January from
Please note, The Limelight is in a residential area. Please respect our neighbours when you leave the venue by doing so as quickly and quietly as possible! Thanks! 🤫



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