Album Review


Trophy Eyes – The American Dream – Album Review

Australian Pop Punk rockers ​Trophy Eyes ​are back with their third album ​The American Dream.​ Sinceformingbackin2014theyhaveseentheirpreviousalbumshitthetop10in the charts in Australia. They are part ...

Crawl – ‘Rituals’ – Album Review

Swedish Death Metal group Crawl bring their debut full length to the world and with it comes a lot of anticipation and expectation. The question is whether the band can meet that standard set by so many Swedish...

Venues – Aspire – Album Review

Venues debut album Aspire follows a recent three track EP which earned rave reviews. These German rockers really bring energy and passion to the table with this record. Seen as a Post-Hardcore band, they bring ...

Annisokay – Arms – Album Review

Annisokay return with their fourth full length album Arms and this German five piece really know how to perfect the heavy but melodic sound. There are many highlights on this album, the energy, the emotion and ...

Like Pacific – ‘In Spite Of Me’ – Album Review

In Spite Of Me is Like Pacific’s second LP, two years after the impressive debut album and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The five piece hailing from Toronto have been sharing the stage with some of the bigge...

DBMK – ‘Headlights For Eyes’ – Album Review

DBMK ​are back with another album ​Headlights For Eyes​. This alt-pop band uses a mix of guitars and synthesisers to create their unique sound and blend has allowed them to gain success over the years. ...

Trauma – ‘As The World Dies’ – Album Review

Trauma first hit the scene in 1982 and counted Cliff Burton as one of its members back in their early days. They had a big hit in ’84 with their album Scratch And Scream and then they just disappeared until 201...

Slimboy – Sail On Sailor – Album Review

Slimboy​ are back with a brand new album ​Sail On Sailor​. The band has seen success over the past decade having toured the world and hitting the charts in their native country of Switzerland. After tak...

Massive Wagons – ‘Full Nelson’ – Album Review

Massive Wagons are back with their third studio album and their debut under new label Earache Records with what must be their finest work to date. A band that built a solid reputation up and down the country as...

Mordant Rapture – ‘The Abnegation’ – EP Review

Formed in 2013 as a traditional Technical Death Metal outfit, Mordant Rapture have evolved to include symphonies and melodies which have all been included as they bring us their debut EP. The EP is 22 minutes ...

Taken By The Tide – ‘Revenge’ – EP Review

The follow up to debut release There’s No Such Thing As An Atheist In A Foxhole smashes on to the scene with a beautiful wreckage of Hardcore with Technical, Brutal, Death Metal. This EP begins with a blunt for...