Thyrant is made up of a band of brothers who, having known each other for a lifetime playing in various other bands,  so intense it cannot be labeled. We often like to compartmentalize things but no such labels will be applied here. Thyrant will take you on a musical journey across the ages, genres and spectrums leaving you questioning, what just happened?


The debut album from this Spanish inquisition kicks off with an old school vibe infused with dueling guitar harmonies and growling vocals. ‘Bury Me’ announces Thyrant’s arrival with a bang. You’re taken on a ride within the 6 minute 28 seconds across the mindscape of the musicians involved that is a joy to behold. ‘Endless Hunt’ continues the theme, challenging the listener with its old school charm whilst weaving in thumping double bass and harrowing vocals.


What We Left Behind clearly reflects all of our misery, pain and shame, but also our development, love and passion witnessed within this short period of time,” said the band members on their debut album. “Life can be tough, but also a nice travel companion, a dream within a dream, coming to fruition in the midst of so much misery. Just like music. From Iron Maiden to Judas Priest, from Enslaved to Obituary, from Carcass to Slayer. Our heroes have accompanied us on this journey; they helped us to face the Thyrant. It must have a horrible face, just like us.”


‘Delusion’ reinforces the band’s message above. Their wide range of influences comes through in this passion project within each song, as they transcend any boundaries that could be set, and they weave through musical styles unleashing their symphonic venom on the listener. ‘Damned at Midnight’ takes us back old school yet again, enveloping us in a Judas Priest like blanket before we are unleashed into ‘Hard Boiling,’ with its intense opener and pounding riff. A brutal and violent sounding track diverges yet again to keep the listener on his toes; in a track lasting 8 minutes 23 seconds you’ll be transported on more than one trip into the unknown.


The title track, ‘What We Left Behind,’ is surprisingly an unexpected instrumental number with dark undertones, and rich in drama, whilst ‘E.O.S.’ reminds us of the melodic yet heavy backbone to this captivating band. The album wraps up with ‘Carving the Throne’ and encapsulates everything that Thyrant wanted to achieve on this album in one song. It perfectly displays the band’s diversity and range and closes the album with a touch of class.


A challenging album, Thyrant have a unique and deeply personal approach that though on some levels can at times feel manic, all comes together in an individual and rare recording.


What We Left Behind is out now via Indie Recordings.


Track List:


  1. ‘Bury Me’
  2. ‘Endless Hunt’
  3. ‘Delusion’
  4. ‘Damned at Midnight’
  5. ‘Hard Boiling’
  6. ‘What We Left Behind’
  7. ‘E.O.S.’
  8. ‘Carving the Throne’



Thyrant - 'What We Left Behind' - Album Review
8.5Overall Score
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