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Thundermother return with a collection of 13 bitchin’ tracks that hits hard, right between the eyes. Following their critically acclaimed album Road Fever, armed with a new line up, these gals are refreshed and ready to kick some ass! This slick outfit is back with a self-titled album that perfectly captures Thundermother 2.0. Their Classic Rock vibe and polished songwriting lay down the foundation for a killer album. It’s hard not to tap your feet along from the opening riff of ‘Revival’ through to the closer ‘Won’t Back Down.’

Studio time was spent honing their craft; the album laid down effortlessly, the band fine-tuned their sound to ensure the newly balanced Thundermother was documented in all her glory. Together with three times Grammis awarded producer Thomas Plec Johansson (Mustasch, Hardcore Superstar, Watain, etc.) Thundermother have never sounded so good.


Thundermother is out Feb 23rd via Despotz Records.


Track List


  1. ‘Revival’
  2. ‘Whatever’
  3. ‘Survival Song’
  4. ‘Racing on Mainstreet’
  5. ‘Fire in the Rain’
  6. ‘Hanging at My Door’
  7. ‘Rip Your Heart Out’
  8. ‘The Original Sin’
  9. ‘Quitter’
  10. ‘We Fight for Rock ‘N’ Roll’
  11. ‘Follow Your Heart’
  12. ‘Children on the Rampage’
  13. ‘Won’t Back Down’


Vocals: Guernica Mancini
Guitar: Filippa Nässil
Drums: Emlee Johansson
Bass: Sara Pettersson


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