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White Trash Blues

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The latest offering from The Quireboys is probably not what you’d expect after their last album, which was their most raucous yet. This time they step into the world of the Blues greats and we are treated to a raft of familiar songs, but all made special with a Quireboys twist, basically making every well known Blues song sound like a Quireboys original.

This whole concept for this album came about after a meeting with Chris Ingham from Ramblin Man Fair who floated the idea of them doing a Blues set for this year’s festival, and they loved the idea. White Trash Blues was born.

We have ‘Cross Eyed Cat’ and ‘Hoochie Coochie Man,’ both Muddy Waters classics. We have ‘Take Out Some Insurance’ and ‘Shame Shame Shame,’ made famous by Jimmy Reed. We also have covers from other great Blues artists such as John Lee Hooker, Sonny Boy Williamson, Billy Boy Arnold, Freddie King, Johnny Jenkins, Slim Harpo, Rufus Thomas and even the classic ‘Little Queenie’ by Chuck Berry.

You may be thinking, why would I want to listen to a bunch of cover songs? Well, in all honesty these are much more than that. Although you may be familiar with the titles of some of the songs, you would never before have heard them done this way, as only the Quireboys can. They have really thought about arrangement and musicality to ensure that these are not just plain old cover songs. Each one is individual and unique in its own way, and worthy of being given a listen.

The album flows effortlessly along and will be a proud addition to your music collection.

The Quireboys are: Spike (vocals), Guy Griffin (guitar), Paul Guerin (guitar), Keith Weir (keyboards), Nick Mailing (bass), Dave McCluskey (drums).


Track List


  1. ‘Cross Eyed Cat’
  2. ‘Boom Boom’
  3. ‘I Wish You Would’
  4. ‘Take Out Some Insurance’
  5. ‘Going Down’
  6. ‘Help Me’
  7. ‘Shame Shame Shame’
  8. ‘I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man’
  9. ‘Leaving Trunk’
  10. ‘I’m a King Bee’
  11. ‘Walking the Dog’
  12. ‘Little Queenie’



The Quireboys 'White Trash Blues' Album Review
9Overall Score
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