Soliloquium - 'Contemplations' - Album Review
Soliloquium - 'Contemplations' - Album Review9
Soliloquium - 'Contemplations' - Album Review9
Soliloquium - 'Contemplations' - Album Review9
Soliloquium - 'Contemplations' - Album Review9
Soliloquium - 'Contemplations' - Album Review9
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What was once a side project has grown into a full time adventure as Soliloquium bring us their second full length offering of Melodic Doom metal. The three piece Swedish band formed in 2011 and have released 3 previous Eps and the full length album An Empty Frame was released in 2016.

Here we have Contemplations which is an intricate blend of wonderous melody with glorious vocals and the darkest Doom and Death vocals, written so superbly that it all complements each other. It is very easy to get lost in the tracks and not notice the changes in styles as you are absorbed by some outstanding song writing.

‘Catharsis’ is a rollercoaster of emotion that is as beautiful one minute as it is dark and brutal the next and shows how well Soliloquium build the tracks to blend together.

The release itself is 49 minutes spanning 8 tracks of varied Melodic, Doom and Death Metal that encompasses and bestows the emotion onto the listener in a way rarely experienced.


Contemplations is released June 1st2018 on Transcending Records


Ed Ford




Track Listing

  1. Chains
  2. Catharsis
  3. Streetlights
  4. Unfulfilling Prophecy
  5. 22
  6. For the Accursed
  7. In Affect
  8. Wanderlust





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