The next great Rock and Roll band has arrived in the form of Samarkind. Having received great acclaim for their first single ‘Sun Stroke Heart,’ the band are ready to unleash their self-titled full debut album to the world. Recorded at Westland Studio in Dublin, the eight-track album is an exciting journey through catchy hooks and memorable guitars.

“We hope to have created a work that creates many pictures, with intertwining textures, emotional highs and lows, while still maintaining the energy of a full on Rock and Roll album,” says frontman David Paul Byrne. And they have most certainly achieved that goal!

Opening track ‘Black Rain’ pulls you in with its steady beat and melodic humming before kicking into action with a real Blues-inspired guitar riff. Byrne’s voice then takes us further into that Blues theme with his beautiful melodies. The track really kicks into action at the chorus with its catchy lyrics and heavier beats. The solo is that of a truly talented guitarist. Michal Kulbaka comments, “This album is the most expansive work of my career, using a vast array of guitar sounds, Strats, Telecasters, Flying Vs and my trusty Les Pauls. Our goal has always been to keep the listener engaged and enthralled.” The track is certainly a perfect opener to an album to showcase the talent of these guys.

‘Skinny Rivers’ takes a heavier feel that moves this album further down its journey, kicking straight in with loud guitars and a really catchy riff. The whole song is much louder compared to their opening track but is by no means any less catchy. The track is a huge contrast to their next track ‘Good Man Calling,’ which takes a softer ballad feel, whereas ‘Fire and Blood’ takes us back to that more bluesy feel. The entire album takes its listeners on a journey, never quite knowing what to expect from the next track except great music. With bluesy rhythms set next to heavy solos and back beats, Samarkind can do it all!


Although not released until the 24th November, you can listen to their singles here:


Track List


  1. ‘Black Rain’
  2. ‘Sunstroke Heart’
  3. ‘Skinny Rivers’
  4. ‘Good Man Calling’
  5. ‘Thru That Door’
  6. ‘Fire and Blood’
  7. ‘Touch Stone Man’
  8. ‘Blue Mountain’


Band Members:

David Paul Byrne – Vocals
Michal Kulbaka – Guitar
Mark Dempsey – Bass
Marius Appelgryn – Drums



Samarkind - 'Samarkind' - Album Review
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