NATURE MORTE - NM1 - Album Review
NATURE MORTE - NM1 - Album Review7
NATURE MORTE - NM1 - Album Review7
NATURE MORTE - NM1 - Album Review7
NATURE MORTE - NM1 - Album Review7
NATURE MORTE - NM1 - Album Review7
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Nature Morte are like a band in two parts. On the one hand, the drummer and vocalist are absolutely on the same page stylistically. The intense, sometimes relentless drumming present throughout the album is certainly derived from extreme and black metal, with blast beats and double-time playing abundant. The vocal style was also surely and squarely set in and derived from these extreme forms of metal. For the Paris three-piece, described by their label as Post Black Metal/Hardcore, these elements were to be expected. The vocals are trve [sic] black metal, in that they have that characteristic quality reminiscent of an emphysemic frog.

However, It is only through another word found on their Facebook page that the rest of the music in between the vocals and drums starts to make sense, or at least be explained. The word in question is “Blackgaze”. The guitar parts are unexpectedly “light” in that they have very little distortion added for most of the album. Instead, effects are heavily laid on to a base of mostly “clean” tones, and the guitars and bass together set up edgy soundscapes for the vocalist to wheeze over. Their choices of both note and chord are bold in that they are consistently unexpected and unusual.

NM1 is only four songs long, but three of those songs are around the 10 minute mark, and the shortest is the opener at 6:57. It is impressive enough listening to the developments of the tracks as they weave their way from one end to the other, and despite a lack of any particularly memorable sections or repetition (perhaps deliberately), they don’t drag out or seem cumbersome.


Peter Bowden



NM1 was released 23rd November 2018 via Argonauta Records

Track Listing


  1. Through the Perfection of Your Nothing
  2. Till Love Do Us Part
  3. Grief
  4. Black Pram

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