Ohio natives Miss May I are back with their eagerly awaited and highly anticipated seventh studio album Shadows Inside. The blistering self-titled opening track is a vicious assault on the senses that sets the tone for your journey ahead. A furious pace and supercharged thrashing guitars announce the arrival of this highly energetic and powerful opener.

‘Under Fire’ brings an old school quality to it with its harmonising guitar intro, but as soon as the main riff kicks in you know you’re not in Kansas anymore! For all their high intensity and heavy core to their sound, Miss May I have a melodic undercurrent to their music, which makes it easy to gravitate towards. Sumptuous guitar solos and big hooks in their choruses all make for a powerful combination from a band well beyond their years musically.


Unbelievably, Miss May I now celebrate a decade together after forming back in 2007 – inspired by new wave of American Metalcore heroes like Lamb of God, Underoath and Bleeding Through, as well as Hard Rock and Metal legends like Pantera and White Zombie . In the eight-year span between studio albums from Metallica, Miss May I cranked out five slabs of metal: Apologies Are for the Weak (2009), Monument (2010), At Heart (2012), Rise of the Lion (2014), and Deathless (2015). All three of their most recent albums debuted in the Top 5 on Billboard’s Hard Music chart.


‘My Destruction’ again offers old school charm in its labored sounding riff whilst ‘Casualties’ thrusts you back into the 21st century with a violent and gripping rhythm deep in its distorted blood, sweat and tears. ‘Crawl’ could possibly be the closest thing to a ballad on this album, but in turn would be considered a more heavy rock infused track, with a pounding Metalcore bridge reminding us midway through of Miss May I and their deeply rooted musical values.


‘Swallow Your Teeth’ and its anthemic qualities will no doubt prove to be a fan favorite. A huge pulsating backbone to the track and even bigger chorus provide an enigmatic and enslaving melody. ‘Death Knows My Name’ and ‘Lost in the Grey’ drive home the quality within this 10 track killer of an album, whilst the closing track ‘My Sorrow’ brings us full circle, furiously paced and in your face. It simply is what Miss May I are all about.


The band members divided and conquered with this album, with the instrumental aspect being fine tuned by Nick Samson (Asking Alexandria, Born of Osiris, In Fear & Faith) in the Midwest studio, whilst vocalist Levi Benton collaborated with producer Drew Fulk (Motionless in White, Emmure, Crown the Empire) in California, communicating back and fourth with the guys back home until The Shadows Inside was complete.


Their unique approach has resulted in possibly their finest release to date, and will undoubtedly excite existing fans, whilst bringing new to the fold. A powerhouse collection of songs, brutal and melodic at the same time, Miss May I have raised the bar on this devastating album.


Shadows Inside is released on June 2nd via Sharptone Records.


Track List

  1. ‘Shadows Inside’ 3:56
  2. ‘Under Fire’ 3:17
  3. ‘Never Let Me Stay’ 3:20
  4. ‘My Destruction’ 2:55
  5. ‘Casualties’ 3:21
  6. ‘Crawl’ 3:27
  7. ‘Swallow Your Teeth’ 4:00
  8. ‘Death Knows My Name’ 2:59
  9. ‘Lost in the Grey’ 3:30
  • ‘My Sorrow’ 3:40


Miss May I are:


Levi Benton | vocals

BJ Stead | guitar

Justin Aufdemkampe | guitar

Ryan Neff | bass/vocals

Jerod Boyd | drums




Miss May I - 'Shadows Inside' - Album Review
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