Like Pacific - 'In Spite Of Me' - Album Review
Like Pacific - 'In Spite Of Me' - Album Review 7
Like Pacific - 'In Spite Of Me' - Album Review 7
Like Pacific - 'In Spite Of Me' - Album Review 7
Like Pacific - 'In Spite Of Me' - Album Review 7
Like Pacific - 'In Spite Of Me' - Album Review 7
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In Spite Of Me is Like Pacific’s second LP, two years after the impressive debut album and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The five piece hailing from Toronto have been sharing the stage with some of the biggest pop punk bands around, with an appearance at Warped Tour in the USA pushing them onto a bigger audience.

Like Pacific open with title track ‘In Spite Of Me’ which starts off fast paced, with an excellent mix of cleaner sung vocals and aggressive punk style vocals, producing such an emotional sounding song which pretty much follows suit for the rest of this record.

‘Sedatives’ features catchy choruses, possibly more radio friendly than track number one, an excellent song which slows the tempo down nicely. ‘Something Missing’ coming in at track number three, starting impressively musically, showing not only have they got an excellent vocalist but the music also lives up to the very high standards.

‘Had It Coming’ and ‘The Spring’ are the standout tracks where Like Pacific really nail the sound they have set out to achieve. You can hear the punk influences in the verses mostly making way for poppy sounding choruses. ‘Admittance’ is another strong track, where the lead singer once again displays his impressive vocal work, which is a big stand out on this album.

Like Pacific have created a distinctive sound which they keep to on this album throughout, not taking too many risks, which, considering this is only their second album is no problem, especially when the end product is as good as it is.


Peter Watts


In Spite Of Me is out now via Pure Noise Records

  1. In Spite Of Me
  2. Sedatives
  3. Had It Coming
  4. The Spring
  5. Occupy Your Skin
  6. Self Defeated
  7. Steadily
  8. Admittance
  9. Consider Me
  10. Something Missing

Like Pacific is:

Jordan Black – Lead Vocals

Greg Hall – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Luke Holmes – Lead Guitar

Taylor Ewart – Drums/Percussion

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