Light The Torch - 'Revival' - Album Review
Light The Torch - 'Revival' - Album Review 10
Light The Torch - 'Revival' - Album Review 10
Light The Torch - 'Revival' - Album Review 10
Light The Torch - 'Revival' - Album Review 10
Light The Torch - 'Revival' - Album Review 10
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Light The Torch drops their full-length debut album Revival this week and it is one of the most anticipated releases of the year thus far. The band has been dropping teaser videos for a while now, but now the time has arrived and Revival is here in all its glory. A band rich in talent Light The Torch have announced their full-length debut with great aplomb.

Kicking off with ‘Die Alone’ they signal their intent with banging riffs and huge sounding vocals as ever from front man Howard Jones. Unlike previous recordings form the days of Killswitch Engage, Howard’s vocals are cleaner and the band as a whole have a heavy Rock vibe as opposed to an all out Metal fest. Which makes for a more radio friendly sound to Light The Torch and should win over a broader audience. It’s no album for the faint hearted, heavy and hard hitting and beautifully produced, as you would expect from musicians of this level.

The musicianship is first class, polished and executed to perfection with intricate guitar work and flamboyant drum patterns all fused together with Jones powerhouse vocals, Light The Torch have delivered a killer album ready to challenge the best in the business.


Revival is released March 30th via Nuclear Blast and is an absolute must for your collection.





Track Listing:

1.Die Alone 3:52
2. The God I Deserve 3:18
3. Calm Before The Storm 3:55 4. Raise The Dead 3:43
5. The Safety Of Disbelief 3:33 6. Virus 3:37
7. The Great Divide 3:16
8. The Bitter End 3:22
9. Lost In The Fire 4:12
10. The Sound Of Violence 2:35 11. Pull My Heart Out 3:35
12. Judas Convention 4:16




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