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Hamferð are a Faroese Doom Metal band who perform in their local tongue, which can provide difficulties translating the thought and feelings of the record to those who cannot understand the language. That is not the case here.

Támsins likam is an atmospheric, slow and purposeful exploration of emotions. The opening track ‘Fylgisflo’ builds up with scene setting atmosphere to be met with haunting vocals; you could be listening to a film soundtrack and the main character is dying a slow and painful death. After this you are met with powerful Death Metal vocals as if the anger of grief has started. This feels like what nine minutes of sorrow and anger would sound like.

It certainly sets the tone, and the remaining 35 minutes spread over 5 songs takes you on a journey of death. You feel the emotions expressed by the raw sound of mixed vocal styles, backed up by detuned guitars and slow paced purposeful drumming.

This is a powerful release that sounds like a concept album sharing the journey though the stages of grief. Whilst this might not necessarily sound like something enjoyable to listen to, however I found to be rather therapeutic and strangely on repeat.

Támsins likam is out this Friday Via Metal Blade Records 

Track List


  1. ‘Fylgisflog’
  2. ‘Stygd’
  3. ‘Tvístevndur meldur’
  4. ‘Frosthvarv’
  5. ‘Hon Syndrast’
  6. ‘Vápn í anda’


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