Currents re-energised and with a freshly aligned partnership in Sharptone Records have finally came to the fore with their debut album The Place I Feel Safest. Formed back in 2011 and with two EP’s under their belt, this coming of age collection of songs will cement Currents as a major player amongst their peers.

After a change in vocalist in 2015, adding Brian Wille to the group, Jeff Brown (drums), Chris Wiseman (guitar), Ryan Castaldi (guitar) and Dee Cronkite (bass) solidified their lineup with members who shared a common current of energy that moved through one another towards the same vision. That vision speaks volumes in a brutal and powerful selection of 13 savage recordings that are undeniably Currents. Opening with ‘Apnea,’ immediately you are enslaved with its high intensity and pummeling riff. Wiseman’s vocals cut through you like a knife and beautifully mesh this frantic and dark sounding introduction. A brief and perfectly woven guitar solo from Castaldi mid song and neoclassical in sound reminds us that Currents are not all about the barbaric riffs, but have a deep rooted technical brilliance within.

‘Tremor’ continues the nightmare that is The Place I Feel Safest with yet another barbarous pounding hook and huge, enslaving vocal performance from Wille. A mammoth sounding chorus provides a more melodic break to an otherwise vicious and technically dazzling achievement. ‘Night Terrors’ kicks in like a speeding train, intense from the off and relentless in its ferocity, underlining yet again Currents’ powerful and overwhelming song-writing ability.

Speaking about the new album and the recording process, drummer Jeff Brown says, “It’s definitely dark lyrically, although some of the leads and drums might make it more upbeat. Overall the album is about Brian’s thoughts and fighting his demons. We left all the vocals up to him so he could have full creative control. It turned out awesome and we are super proud of it. The instruments came together over two years of writing. We went into the studio with over 50 songs and ideas and left with 13 songs we believed were our best work.”

You can fully understand how this album was a labor of love for the band, how their time spent gathering new material with current vocalist Brian Wille and fine-tuning their sound to produce an album which is beautifully cohesive throughout has paid off. It is testament to the 13 tracks chosen on The Place I Feel Safest, each one more powerful and intense than the next. Technically proficient throughout, each and every member in this talented bunch has contributed to produce an astounding album, fierce and frantic at times and definitely not for the faint hearted. Currents have landed with a dark sounding debut album that will announce their arrival with great aplomb. If you already follow the likes of Emmure, Miss May I and Loathe, then Currents will no doubt be a new favorite and absolutely worth a listen.

The Place I Feel Safest is released 16-06-17 Via Sharptone Records.

Reviewed By Mark 

Line up: CURRENTS online:
Brian Wille | vocals

Chris Wiseman | guitar

Ryan Castaldi | guitar

Dee Cronkite | bass

Jeff Brown | drums


Track List

  1. ‘Apnea’ 3:25
    2. ‘Tremor’ 3:19
    3. ‘Night Terrors’ 3:45
    4. ‘Delusion’ 4:02
    5. ‘Withered’ 3:46
    6. ‘Dreamer’ 3:25
    7. ‘Forget Me’ 4:13
    8. ‘The Place I Feel Safest’ 3:52
  2. ‘Silence’ 4:07
    10. ‘Best Memory’ 4:25
    11. ‘Another Life’ 3:24
    12. ‘I’m Not Waiting 3:58
    13. ‘Shattered 4:37
Currents - The Place I Feel Safest - Album Review
10Overall Score
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