This is an awesome album from Swedish metalers Corroded. It is chock full of foot stomping, fist pumping, head banging anthems. The tightness of these guys is unreal, with a big sound that is melodic and extremely heavy at the same time. Formed in 2004, they have gone from strength to strength, and with their latest offering it easy to see why.

Singer Jens Westin has a fantastic voice and can go from Johnny Van Zant to Chuck Schuldiner without missing a beat. Guitarist Tomas Andersson blows the fret board apart with some savage shredding, and is ably backed up Per Solang on the drums and Bjarne Elvsgard on the bass, all in all the total package for a massive sounding band.

‘Carry Me My Bones’ is the opener and it is awesome. It will have you headbanging all the way to the end of the track. It Is loaded with heavy beats and tasty guitaring from Tomas Andersson.

‘Gun and a Bullet’ continues the onslaught, and will have you singing your head off in no time with its catchy hooks, and wondering why you haven’t heard more from these guys. And it doesn’t stop there. This album throws out foot stomper after foot stomper, in particular ‘Vessels of Hate.’ It is a furious assault on the ears of pure Metal, until the midway point in the song where it drops into a Death Metal vibe. It is the absolute stand out track in an album full of stand out moments.

‘A Note to Me’ brings the pace to a crawl with a slow burner that allows you to catch your breath, before it rips it from your body again with ‘Burn It to the Ground.’ This song just rips from the start and lets you see how Metal should be.

‘Feel Fine’ is another rip roarer. Andersson’s guitar skills on this track are phenomenal, and set up the final track perfectly. ‘Rust and Nail’ is an all-out Metal fest, with thumping beats, gnarly riffs and great vocals. It closes out the album much the same way as ‘Carry Me My Bones’ opens it – full on, full force Rock.

Reviewed By Conor O’Hanlon. 

Defcon Zero Was Released April 17th Via Despotz Records. 

Track List 

  1. Carry Me My Bones
  2. Gun And A Bullet
  3. Retract And Disconnect
  4. Fall Of A Nation
  5. Vessels Of Hate 
  6. Day Of Judgement
  7. A Note To Me
  8. Burn It To The Ground
  9. DRF
  10. Feel Fine
  11. Rust And Nail 

Corroded are:

Jens Westin (vocals, rhythm guitar)
Tomas Andersson (lead guitar)
Bjarne Elvsgard (bass)
Per Solang (drums)

Corroded - 'Defcon Zero' - Album Review
10Overall Score
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  1. Jon

    I have loved these guys since battlefield 4 free and will always love it


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