Black Country Communion

Black Country Communion

Black Country Communion returns after a five-year hiatus with their trademark sound that undeniably screams BCC are back! It was a heavy heart back in the day that BCC hung up their proverbial gloves to take a break after a whirlwind introduction to the world with their first three studio albums. The combination of a quartet built of the finest musicians around took the term “super group” to a whole new level, and their earlier work which made its mark on the genre of Classic Rock was simply a game changer.

Fast forward to 2017 and one of the year’s most anticipated releases is just around the corner. BCC set their own bar very high, and many will be curious after such a prolonged break if BCCIV can possibly live up to such high standards. The answer to that question is simple, shame on you for even doubting such a thing! Shame! Right from the off you know you’re not in Kansas anymore, you’re in that delectable mix of gritty groove-laden riffs that only Glenn Hughes on bass and Joe Bonamassa on guitar can lay down. Marry that with Hughes’ distinctive vocal sound and even more surreal vocal range and you’ll get the picture.



The album opener ‘Collide’ just kicks the doors off the hinges with a barrage on the senses. Hughes’ vocal range is a thing of beauty and alongside Bonamassa’s screaming guitar solo they just create something truly distinctive and 100% BCC. ‘Over My Head’ takes things in a slightly different direction with a more fluid and airplay-friendly chorus that will definitely stick in your head. Every song is rich in rhythmic patterns with a thumping bass line and crunchy guitar riff, as you’d expect.

‘The Last Song for My Resting Place,’ a song written by Bonamassa, tells the story of Wallace Hartley, lead violinist and bandleader on the fateful Titanic who played people off the ship. The song has a distinctive Celtic feel to it with the ship’s Irish connections, and Bonamassa and Hughes both share vocals on this track with Bonamassa taking the intro and outro of the number. A fusion of traditional instruments lends to the storytelling aspect of the track and helps build it to a crescendo and make it one of the standout tracks on the album.

‘Sway’ just shakes you to the core with its frantic pace and sublime fusion of thrashing guitars of Bonamassa and Hughes alongside the glorious Hammond of Derek Sherinian. It is a huge sounding number that just begs you to crank it up, whilst ‘The Cove,’ a darker more emotive track, touches on the barbaric slaughter of dolphins each and every year in the coastal town of Taiji, Japan, a subject passionately close to the heart of vocalist Glenn Hughes.

Another highlight is the track ‘Wanderlust’ with its smooth sounding vibe and piano by Sherinian. Each song flows beautifully from one to another and before you know it you’re on a fast track towards the finale. An album dripping in thick groove-laden tracks, rich in only the finest Blues Rock song writing, makes BCCIV an undeniable beauty of 2017.


Released Friday 22nd September, BCCIV is a must have. The guys follow up the release with only two shows in the UK so demand will be high.


Track List
1. ‘Collide’ (4:07)

  1. ‘Over My Head’ (4:06)
  2. ‘The Last Song for My Resting Place’ (7:57)
  3. ‘Sway’ (5:24)
  4. ‘The Cove’ (7:11)
  5. ‘The Crow’ (6:00)
  6. ‘Wanderlust’ (8:18)
  7. ‘Love Remains’ (4:53)
  8. ‘Awake’ (4:42)
  9. ‘When the Morning Comes’ (7:56)

 24 HOUR TICKET HOTLINE: 0844 844 0444,


Wolverhampton Civic Hall
Thursday 2 January

24 HR Box Office: 0844 844 0444

Venue: 0870 320 7000

North Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV1 1RQ


London Hammersmith Apollo
Thursday 4 January

24 HR Box Office: 0844 844 0444

Venue: 020 8563 3800

45 Queen Caroline Street, London, W6 9QH


Black Country Communion - 'BCCIV' - Album Review
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