Singer, songwriter and guitarist Christian Hede Madsen, aka Bellhound Choir, is now releasing his second solo album Worried Kid – a contemporary blues album dealing with the struggles and winding roads of the soul. That was the opening paragraph of the press release to accompany Worried Kid; Madsen himself has managed to pour out his own very soul for all to see on this simply breathtaking album. It is as raw an experience as you will encounter this year from any such accomplished artist. The eight songs of the album are performed live in the studio by Madsen with no overdubs – just a man, an instrument and a handful of songs.

Madsen’s follow up to his solo debut Imagine the Crackle produces one of the most honest and compelling collections of emotive song writing available today by any contemporary artist. It is a stark reminder of days gone by when an acoustic guitar and classic story telling stole our hearts and minds. The opening track ‘Getting Bigger’ sets the stall beautifully with its heavy passionate plea in its chorus: “You won’t be who you want to be, I’ll be happy when I can.” It’s a haunting melody that immediately grabs you deep inside, and doesn’t let go throughout these eight mesmerising tracks.

‘Full Moon Tide’ featuring Sebastian Wolff, front man in Kellermensch and producer on Worried Kid, duets alongside Madsen in yet another highly emotive collaboration. This track has a familiar feel and would remind you of great Damien Rice in his early days. ‘The Jacket’ provides an up-tempo break to proceedings with its bluesy riff and melody before a return to the melancholy ‘Dawn.’

The title track ‘Worried Kid,’ the album’s penultimate number, was one of the first tracks released, and provides comfort in its uplifting melody and lyrics. It is a beautifully told story that wraps its arm around you in these cold and hostile times, whilst ‘Home’ wraps up this delicate and finely balanced collection of songs with a reminder of Bellhound Choir’s deep rooted bluesy beginnings.

This is a majestic album from start to finish, an alluring and deeply personal experience from the artist that is Bellhound Choir.


Worried Kid was released on April 28th on Madsen’s own label Salbar.


Track List


  1. ‘Gettin’ Bigger’
  2. ‘Full Moon Tide’
  3. ‘Oh, Little Michael’
  4. ‘Bad Weather’
  5. ‘The Jacket’
  6. ‘Dawn’
  7. The Worried Kid
  8. ‘Home’



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Bellhound Choir - 'Worried Kid' - Album Review
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