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Babylon A.D. are back with their first full length album with new material in 14 years. Their last album was a live album released back in 2015, but no new material has been released since 2003. With popular ’80s and early ’90s bands making a comeback, it’s the perfect time to do it.

The album is full of melodic riffs and epic solos. The band is sticking to their tried and tested method that has always worked and will continue to do so. The album is full of great tracks such as ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me Tonight,’ which are high energy. The band provides us with that melodic rock with shredding guitars. ‘She Likes to Give It’ is a perfect example of this.

Overall Revelation Highway is a perfect comeback album for Babylon A.D. The feel to the whole album is just what you’d expect from this band and more.


Track List


  1. ‘Crash and Burn’
  2. ‘Fool on Fire’
  3. ‘One Million Miles’
  4. ‘Tears’
  5. ‘She Likes to Give It’
  6. ‘Rags to Riches’
  7. ‘Last Time for Love’
  8. ‘I’m No Good for You’
  9. ‘Saturday Night’
  10. ‘Don’t Tell Me Tonight’Babylon A.D. Links: 

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