The debut album Somewhere Between, from Alvarez Kings, was released on 14th April. Their headline show in the vibrant city of London is on 26th May, and it is set to be a great night.

A fantastic music video has been produced for the single ‘Sleepwalking, Pt. II,’ which was directed by James Fitzgerald, who was nominated for a prestigious Young Director Award in Ireland.

This album has been brilliantly produced by Carlos De La Garza (GRAMMY® Award-winning, multi-platinum producer/engineer/mixer) in Burbank, California. Simon Thompson (vocals, guitar), Paul Thompson (bass, keyboard, backing vocals), Sean Parkin (guitar and backing vocals) and Richard Walker (drums, samples and pads) have created a beautiful sounding album that epitomises the indie pop genre. There is a relaxing feel to the whole sound, and it makes for such easy listening that it would be perfect on a summer holiday playlist.

The first track is ‘Cold Conscience,’ which features a very summery steel drum sound that transports the listener to the beautiful Caribbean coast (replace with “Caribbean islands”?). The fourth track, ‘Tell-Tale Heart,’ has a classy club vibe with cool lyrics. The next track, ‘Picking Up the Pieces,’ has a really unique sound and allows for all the band members to really shine. The tenth track on the album has a heavier introduction than the rest and provides a nice variation in the overall sound.

Alvarez Kings played in front of U.S. audiences as part of the Vans Warped tour, and their adventures were recorded in Season 2 of Fuse’s ‘Warped Roadies’ television series. In 2015 the band’s EP, Fear to Feel, appeared on Spotify playlists such as The Indie Mix and Ultimate Indie Playlist. Fear to Feel built up over 40 thousand streams in less than 12 hours, and articles followed on Billboard, Diffuser and Huffington Post, to name a few.

The headline show at London’s The Garage is on 26th May. The doors open at 7:00 pm and the tickets are £8-£10.


You can get the album ‘Somewhere Between’ from Sire/Warner Bros Records on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music.


This album is a solid 10 out of 10 for its stunning sound, production and super talented musicians who put it all together. 


Reviewed By Cerys


Track Listing


  1. ‘Cold Conscience’
  2. ‘The Other Side of Sadness’
  3. ‘Postcards from Berlin’
  4. ‘Tell-Tale Heart’
  5. ‘Picking Up the Pieces’
  6. ‘Run From You’
  7. ‘Sleepwalking, Pt. II’
  8. ‘Fear to Feel’
  9. ‘Tortured & the Tears’
  • ‘No Resolve’
  • ‘Somewhere Between’





Alvarez Kings - ' Somewhere Between' - Album Review
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